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I ordered t-shirts from First Coast Tees of Jacksonville, FL on July 21. I chose first coast tees b/c they had great prices and could meet my tight deadline as these shirts were for a family reunion. I ordered the wrong number and corrected the number of tees needed to be printed onto the customer signature page and faxed it back- The signature page was the actual order- showing a brief description of the shirt and quantity requested.

On July 22nd- I called to confirm that they had received the fax and noticed the new number of t-shirts needed. I was told by the phone person - yes they had. The next week- I see the final draft of hte graphic to be printed- looks good, I ask to make a cahnge- Please italicize the logo- The printer says he will have to change the font but will work on it. I said that is ok-

The next day, tues- i still had not heard from them and the shirt order was to be completed by that fri- so I called and to check on the shirts and the change- I was told that everything was fine and he was working it- On thurs I get a call that says the shirt order is is and ready to pick up- I verify for a second time that they used the correct number of - shirts fax- "Yes we did, everything is here"- I arrange for someone to pick the shirts up the next day on Fri.

At noon on Fri I get a call that says they are missing a shirt. They had overlooked my fax!!!!!!!! At that time- the person I had got to pick up the shirts was arriving- So she picked up what shirts they had and the company told me that the extra shirt should be in around 3- well at 3:30- I called and they said there was no shirt yet and they didn't know when it would be there- well everyone was leaving for the reunion so noone was there to pick up the shirt- even if it did make it- which he wasn't sure it would.

I get the shirts and see that in additon to being short a shirt, they never made the changes I requested. Apparently when I called to follow up on that request and was told it was being taken care of, I needed to follow-up on the follow-up!

Once we returned from the reunion, I called to see about getting the shirt, as they told me they would get and if we still wanted it- they would print it- Since it was for a child, we figured we would go ahead and get it and make the little guy happy. Well they said that they would get me the shirt but I would have to PAY FULL PRICE for the shirt. I told them I didn't think I should have to pay and explained why I thought that (basically everything I wrote here)-

I understand mistakes happen, but since I did the follow-up , I feel like I should be compensated in some way for their mistake- He offered to ship the shirt to me at no cost- I said that won't work- especially since someone can pick it up- He said that the shirt was not on the original invoice and they had just overlooked it- He says he caught the mistake two days prior- (which means someone lied to me when they called and said everything was ready) and they tried to fix it- I said thats fine, but you didn't and now the reunion has come and gone- so Why should I have to pay? He said he was sorry and there was nothing he could do- I said thank you for your time.

It just ***- b/c they messed up and there is nothing I can do about it except tell as many people as I can to be very careful when using FIRST COAST TEES of JACKSONVILLE- the shirts were cute- but I was very disappointed a there customer service- I tried very hard to work with them- even having my frined wait around town to pick up the extra shirt that never came in that afternoon- So basically they said we messed up- not our problem. That ***!

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My dealings with First Coast Tees has been nothing but excellent.

The exceeded my expectations and I didn't even have to tell them that I had pruce checked other places because their quote was less than I received and their reputation for quality wascsecond to none.

I was amazed at the quality of shirt and the outstanding graphics.

I have several shirts that I wear frequently and I would highly recommend them.


This ower Michael aruther is never there. How can a business ower never be at his own business to run it properly he calls people and tells them there order will be done at certain times and on certain dates but he is just full of *** he tells people what they wanna hear but in all honesty he is never there so he has no clue what goes on I blame everything on him I dont even know how he still has a business

:( :(

to angry customers Jacksonville, Florida, United States #924194

Happy 2015 to all. My name is Michael Arthur and I am one of the owners of First Coast Tees.

I have been with the company now for the past 20 plus years. All of us here, including my business partner work very hard to ensure our customers are pleased with their total experience. We always do our best and would never knowingly want to disappoint any of our customers. Being self employed with a family run business is a huge responsibility and requires us to all work over 50 hours or more a week.

Unfortunately, we must have missed this customer or disappointed them. Please accept my and all who work with me, our apologies. I had never seen this review and do not know this customer.

If ever we disappoint one of our customers, please ask to speak to one of us and we will do everything possible to make it right. We look forward to correcting any issues and earning our customers continued business.

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